Latest Developments in Arizona Energy


Arizona Names Regulator Critical of APS Political Influence, Utility Dive (1/8/19)

Arizona utility regulator to hit APS with subpoena for political spending, Arizona Republic (2/26/19)

As Arizona's EV policy takes shape, demand charges come under focus, Utility Dive (3/25/19)

 7/30/19 - Arizona commissioner pushes for retail competition vote by end of year (Utility Dive): https://www.utilitydive.com/news/arizona-commissioner-pushes-for-retail-competition-vote-by-end-of-year/559795/

 7/23/19 – Commissioner Justin Olson letter supporting electric competition: https://docket.images.azcc.gov/0000199162.pdf

 7/1/19 - ACC Staff draft electric competition rules: https://docket.images.azcc.gov/E000001565.pdf

8/13/19 - Chairman Burns letter to the Docket: https://docket.images.azcc.gov/E000002383.pdf 


12/24/18 – Commissioner Bob Burns letter supporting electric competition: https://docket.images.azcc.gov/0000194692.pdf

 Link to ACC Docket on electric competition: https://edocket.azcc.gov/Docket/DocketDetailSearch?docketId=21938#docket-detail-container2

 APS withholds spending in Corp Comm primary elections, Arizona Capitol Times (8/17/18)

Arizona Corp. Commission Starts "Omnibus" Informal Rulemaking Process, Incorporates Review Of Retail Electric Choice, Energy Choice Matters (8/15/18)

Corp Comm may take another look at deregulation, Arizona Capitol Times (8/14/18)

Bribery case ruins careers, leaves question of larger probe, Arizona Capitol Times (8/9/18)

Customers: APS rate hike 3 times higher than we were told, Arizona Republic (8/7/18)

As utility works to dominate Arizona politics, credibility erodes, Arizona Daily Star (8/4/18)

Utility-funded Harvard group has given tens of thousands in airfare, luxury hotels and meals to Arizona commissioners, PV Magazine (7/23/18)

Court denies regulator’s request to look at utility’s campaign spending, Arizona Capitol Times (2/19/18)


Power play: How a small co-op wants to open Nevada's electricity market and own it, Utility Dive (12/14/17) 

Does C-C-A spell the end of the regulated electric utility in California?, Utility Dive (11/17/17)

APS Rate Hike Shocks Customers, Arizona Republic (11/14/17)

Nevada PUC Says Google Data Center Can Opt-Out, Nevada Independent (9/13/17)

APS Electricity Bills Going Up As Rate Increase Is Approved, Arizona Republic (8/15/17)

Analysis finds consumers in competitive electricity markets fare better than ratepayers served by monopoly utilities, RESA (5/18/17) 

White paper assesses impact of technology driven consumer electricity choices changing retail electric market, CPUC (5/8/17)

LA County community aggregation has California utilities on full alert, Utility Dive (5/9/17)

Google filing seeks energy alternatives to Warren Buffett’s Nevada utility, Reno Gazette Journal (4/25/17)

Proposed APS Rate Hike Plan Still Divisive, Arizona Republic (3/23/17)

California’s Top Regulator Says It’s Time to Consider Full Retail Electricity Choice, Green Tech Media (3/1/17)

APS customers will see 4.5% average rate increase rate hike under settlement, Arizona Capitol Times (3/1/17)

Rate increases approved for TEP, Arizona Daily Star (2/9/17)

Power Markets Are Better for Consumers than Traditional Alternative, Study Says, Forbes (1/22/17)

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