An Association of

Arizona's Large Commercial and Industrial Retail Electric Customers


Arizonans for Electric Choice & Competition (AECC) is an association of industrial and commercial class retail electric ratepayers and serves as the voice of these ratepayers in issues that affect generation, transmission, distribution, and regulation of electric energy in Arizona.

AECC was formed in 1997 to promote electric competition and restructuring of retail electric service, and to represent large customers in all relevant matters pending before the Arizona Corporation Commission, the State Legislature, and Governor.

AECC Goals

  • Promote competition between providers of electricity for the benefit of all Arizona consumers

  • Support legislative and regulatory action to facilitate competition for electric service

  • Promote public awareness of the benefits of a competitive market for electrical services

  • Effectively advocate for industrial and commercial retail ratepayers in ratemaking items before the Arizona Corporation Commission and the Salt River Project

  • Represent the interests of large electric consumers in regulatory policy matters that impact the cost of retail electric service.



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Guiding Principles

Free MArkets

Competition is the American way. Over the decades, average people have benefited tremendously from the job and wealth creation resulting from restructuring of trucking, airlines, telecommunications and other key parts of the U.S. economy. 

Renewable Energy

Customer Choice in electric energy will lead to the development of more solar, wind, geothermal, and other types of carbon-free energy generation sources. 

Fair Markets

Restructured markets that allow energy choice should be properly designed to promote regional commerce, protect small customers, and not disadvantage one supplier of electricity over another.

more jobs when employers have choices

AECC members are among the largest employers in Arizona, providing high wage jobs and opportunity for thousands of people. Electric competition makes Arizona a more attractive place for companies to locate and expand.

Customer choice = customer benefits

Empowering customers to choose their electric supplier will result in lower prices, better service, and market innovations. 


Arizona Corporation commission in charge

The Arizona Legislature has affirmed that the ACC has the authority to promote competition in electric generation service. Consumers and utilities can both benefit and best be in position to take advantage of technological innovation in a properly restructured marketplace.


It is the public policy of this state that a competitive market shall exist in the sale of electric generation service
— AZ Revised Statute 40-202 B